What it is like to be cheated upon in a relationship?

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Alright, so this beta boy got “swindled” by his girlfriend of two years who backstabbed him and went on to marry another guy while (he says) she promised him she’d end up with him.

I have three words for betaboy…

kek kek kek

Alright, alright… here goes…

By this time, we had completed two years of our togetherness and were cruising very well for a future together.

Two years of blue balls, that is. It becomes evident later, but this betaboy wasn’t getting any.

One sudden day, a guy drops to see her, the same guy chosen by her parents to be her future partner.

So she was “with” betaboy Ankit Vani for two years, but she didn’t tell her family about it. And from the looks of things, she wasn’t getting her freak on with him either.

This is most likely an Indian girl we’re talking about. The kind that think about marriage and growing old together the minute you say “Hi”.

But somehow betaboy believes he was in a relationship.

Betaboy Ankit Vani… it was all fiction bro.

Displeased by this suddenness, she showed anger towards her parents for not informing her in advance and taking things forward without her consent. When asked, she told me that her mother has asked her to meet him as a friend and then they will deny their offer.

Well, Indians are fucked up. I got little else to add to that. heh

She met him, he was a pretty rich banker who was wealthy and showed up to be a good guy in front of her.

betaboy tell #2: Ankit Vani betaboy believes rich banker was pretending to be a good guy. In betaboy’s fantasy world, he’s the good guy, while the rich, good-looking, attractive man is actually the bad guy.

Their numbers got exchanged

And yet betaboy didn’t dump her immediately. That’s betaboy tell #3.

Gentlemen, if a girl’s is in love with you, she’ll go out of her way and everyone’s way to avoid exchanging numbers and so on. If she does, she really isn’t in love with you.

and then began the cheating part.

Only in betaboy’s mind.

She showed disinterest after meeting him, told bad things about him…

Assuming that’s even true… and that’s one hell of an assumption… what else would she do betaboy creep? Tell you how she’s planning her escape from your needy, clingy flatulence?

…and said that her parents are forcing her but she is strong.

Notice the inconsistencies in betaboy Ankit Vanti, SBI employee’s fictional re-imagination.

The same parents who told her at the outset that she could just see a guy and then politely indicate disinterest have suddenly become monsters who now force her daughter to bang for life a guy whom she dislikes.

What really happened is that either she tried to get rid of betaboy and he wouldn’t give up… or she tried to let him down politely but upon his boneheaded insistence, she decided to play him for shits and giggles.

They started chatting over texts…

Girls don’t chat unless they want to. Were her parents forcing her to chat with him too? lololol

…he was already floored down by her beauty and she seemed to have not liked that guy at all.

Here’s a tip for you betaboy Ankit Vani, SBI employee…

Girls are turned on by men who express their lust for them.

You were the creep talking about love and togetherness, and he was likely the strong, powerful man openly expressing how much harder (heh) life had gotten to be sleeping without her.

By this time, I had appeared in my SBI Mains and was waiting for my results. I cleared SBI Mains and was waiting for my interview dates. I went to Bhopal for my interview, came out of the room…

aka betaboy Ankit Vani was unemployed at that time.

…and called her since it went pretty well. I was hopeful of a selection and wanted to meet her since she was in the town.

Notice how she didn’t really suggest a meetup. betaboy Ankit Vani did.

Also, he had no one else to call. kek.

35 missed calls, 30 messages, 3 hours of wait and I left Bhopal with sadness wrapped over my face.

Super creep alert…

35 missed calls? 30 messages? All within 3 hours?

Dear Lord did the girl make a wise choice!!!

The last time I sent a dozen messages in a day was when a friend had been in an accident.

Gentlemen… don’t do this.

If you call someone, and they don’t respond immediately, go do something else. Don’t be like betaboy creeper Ankit Vani, SBI employee.

They’ll either call you back, or they won’t. Either way, once you hit the ball out of your court, don’t hit another one if they do nothing with the one you sent their way the first time.

Couple of days later, she revealed that she is getting married with the same guy.

Color me surprised.


She told me that she was pressurized by her family to do so and was swear in by her grandparents for this guy. I believed in her story, she kept on blabbering all the stories and I kept believing.

betaboy Ankit Vani, like all others of his ilk, fancies himself a hero of a romantic comedy, or better yet, romantic tragedy.

She told that she will break the alliance very soon, would reveal everything and I was kept hanging for few more days.

betaboys like Ankit Vani, SBI employee thrive on hope. That’s all they have anyway. They don’t have… like… options. Or choices. Or other things to do. So they linger. And languish. And wait. Hopefully.

More drama, verbal abuse and some well-crooked stories in coming days.

Dude, the message is the medium. Often.

In this case, she told you. Outright. She was going to marry the other man. You should have moved on. You didn’t. Because you had no other options. Because you’re a betaboy.

Then came the twist.

Notice betaboy’s penchant for dramatizing his life in hopes of portraying what is mundane as something that’s extraordinary.

betaboys live boring lives. Which is why they don’t have options. But that somehow doesn’t prevent them from becoming (the only) true believers in their own fantasies.

One fine day…

The love of your life is trapped by her very own parents and is being forced to marry someone else. Yet you have a fine day?

…I happened to visit her best friend’s bank for some personal work where she was employed and had no idea about our relationship at all. During conversation, it drifted towards my girlfriend and then she showed me something which swept away the floor beneath me, I still feel those nervy cramps in my body and a rush of anger and despondency crept in all over my face.

I’ll just disregard betaboy’s blatant disregard for the language of Shakespeare and Milton and chalk it up to his desiness. But SBI is fucked!!! And so are their customers.

She showed me a part of it, rest I took it on my own to know the truth. They had a WhatsApp group of three female friends and she was very happy about the marriage. In fact, she was taking a lot of interest in first night rituals, asking for suggestions on her apparels and fascinating about the gala wedding that was going to happen.

The girl was fantasizing about her “first night rituals”. In other words, she was a virgin. betaboy Ankit Vani wasn’t getting any.

That day, I found out that whatever she told me was a pure lie.

Maybe, and if so, I don’t blame her.

But chances are you totally misread her signals and misinterpreted her words and actions.

Their meeting was arranged after informing her in advance, her parents had met the guy and she had given her green signal to meet him. If this was not enough, she showed extreme interest in that guy and when she revealed things to me, it had already been a month.

Which I had seen coming right at the offset of your post betaboy.

The day I was informed about her decision to marry him, tickets, garden and everything was booked and I was foolishly swindled by her. Well, if that was not the end of it, she had spoken negatively about me in front of her friend and termed me as a guy who asked her out and she denied the offer at the outset.

I’d be hardpressed to disbelieve her.

Moral of the story:

Don’t be like betaboy Ankit Vani, SBI employee.

The “I’m such an important little princess” Syndrome


What is the most complicated romantic relationship you’ve had?



Apologies for being anonymous, but name reveals will hurt people.

Yeah. Because you’re sooooo famous.

You, and all your lovers.


I’m the typical beautiful and smart girl

Typical isn’t beautiful. Beautiful isn’t typical.

Elena Radionova is beautiful. She’s as atypical as they come.

Our story’s princess is your average looking woman who has an over-inflated ego thanks to scrotal media.

who often choose the wrong guy to fall in love to.

Wrong feels soooo right.

By the way if you’re still young and tight
get fucked one day by QDA you might…

While i wont say all of my exes are jerks, but 60% of the time, that’s the case.

So she has at least five exes. Maybe more, but no less than five.

Nice going, ya big slut.

I met Y a few months fresh after a break up.

Women never, EVER give up on men. They give up on hapless betas trying to woo them by upvoting their slutty stories and liking their ugly mugshots on facecrook.

The minute the (wrong) right man shows up, pussies glisten.

I was hung up over my ex and was not in a good shape.

Not in a good shape physically as well as emotionally.

Y took liking towards me instantly.

Y doesn’t really have attractive sexual options, but he knows how to spot a dumb slut for fun and profits.

He’s a soft spoken guy, with calm eyes and mild temper and about 8 years older than me.

Older men, pay heed. Young and dumb is how you’ll like’em. Juicier the gazelle, easier the catch. Not saying this one was juicy. But 8 years younger might get you a lot of stares from other attractive ones.

When he made love, he do it beautifully. He never rushes me anywhere, wait for me to come to my own decisions and genuinely care about how I felt.

Y is your typical beta.

I learn to love myself back under his guidance.

He made her forget what a nasty slut she’d been in the past… by not mentioning it.

BTW, good game advice. Don’t remind a slut what a nasty whore she’s been and she’ll forget it. At least as long as you can continue to bang her and extract meaningful sex from her.

The only downside is he made it clear that he doesnt want to marry.

Like I said… use a slut for fun and profits.

For a lot of girls this will be a major deal-breaker, but surprisingly I appreciate it.

It’s not as though streets were strewn with bodies of men waiting for my hand in marriage.

At first there were times I tried to make him change his mind, but in the end I accepted his honesty.

At first she tried to get what she wanted, but then the “smrrt” beautiful woman couldn’t… and she’d already given up whatever she had brought to the table, so taking whatever he was willing to offer was the only option she had.

Our relationship grew stronger, we were inseparable and got closer to each other.

Options = Instability.

But both these specimens had little to no other options. Plus la vie en rose ensued.

He’s always telling me that love shouldn’t be one sided, it should be a two ways lane.

You should spend on our dates too. Equality, wink wink.

Love is not about control, it’s more of a compromise.

I’ll retain control, you make compromises.

Love is supposed to make you feel pain (or other words, reality) not just butterflies in your stomach.

I’ll dump your slutty ass sooner or later. For a hotter, tighter,  50 pounds lighter chick.

I tend to get panic attacks when I’m anxious but with Y, my panic attacks almost didnt exist.

Deep down every slut gets these panic attacks. But not when she thinks she’s found a reasonable relationship.

When we argue we are able to talk like two civilized persons.

Don’t argue with a chick. Mocking and a quick wit go a much longer way.

I was never made to feel scared that I will be punch or kick. Y made it a point to have some physical distance from me so I’m able to voice out my argument without feeling intimidated.

Talk about standards.

And here I was… believing all along… one shouldn’t hit people simply because you disagree wth them or have an argument.

Nice ex-traps, honey trap.

Sadly the relationship ran out of its’ course.

Ran out of steam. She got fatter, and he lost his boners.

One day while watching TV together, I wonder if there’s something more for me out there.

She started wondering if there’s a harder cock out there for her.

She started wondering long before she enunciated it on that couch watching TV together like couch potatoes.

Y echoed the same sentiment, knowing that I deserve a man who wants to settle down eventually.

She deserves a man who wants to settle down with her?

If you were here, you’d be witnessing the business end of a laughter fit.

He knew he’d dump her, fucked her for a while, grew bored, got out, and gave her a platitude.

We held each other tightly, chest to chest, and in that instant I know nobody can replace him no matter what.

More like breast to man-boob.

He has released me from the prison I built for myself.

And now, go conquer all the cocks you can find. Nigger cocks, that is.

He cared for me in the way nobody ever does.

Which explains why he dumped your fat ass.

He teaches me physical affection is not to be scared of.

With that, I’m with him.

We broke up after 2 years and a half.

The dude must have had seriously low SMV.

Y is the first ex I didnt harbor any resentment towards.

Because sexual excitement had worn out long before you losers let go of that token relationship you had going.

He’s that ex that I go look for when I have news to tell and things to share.

Best friend alert.

I’m finally able to move on from my messy past thanks to Y’s help. Unfortunately the next guy after Y took granted of this new found confidence so I dumped him as fast as I can.

Nah. The new one was smarter. He saw he’d gotten on a sinking ship, and jumped as soon as he could.

To Y, life was the most precious thing you’ve ever gifted to me.

Now go eat pray love. Lotsa cockas for you.

Speaking of Good Life


What are the small things you can do to have a good life?

Quora’s Designated Asshole responds:

Good question.


Always face the truth.

Truth is likely to be ugly, painful, hurtful or politically incorrect. And yet, it does set you free.

Truth has power of its own. It doesn’t need to be backed up by large and violent mobs of enchanted zombies. It doesn’t care about being protested.

Truth simply exists, and out-exists everyone.

It’ll guide your life, and dole out the consequences whether you accept it or not.

So always face the truth, accept it, and live with it.

Ignorance may be blissful, but it won’t ever let you achieve greatness.


Indian Lesbians


Are there any Indian lesbians?

Quora’s Designated Asshole says:

Every girl is bisexual.

And lesbians are ugly dykes who can’t get attractive men they in their incomprehensible delusion believe they deserve… so settle for other ugly dykes like themselves.

Given that a vast majority (99%+) of Indian women’s faces are uglier than my ass straight after a diarrhea dump… I’d say you’ll find a huge number of lesbians in India.

BTW… I take dumps more beautiful than Indian women. Just saying. 😉


Lost her virginity. Now feels she’s worth less. Wants to change how she feels.




Since having sex for the first time, I feel like I’ve lost something important and I’m worth less than I was before. How can I change how I feel?

My parents always told me that by being a virgin, I was considered “pure” and that my future husband would prefer it. At 23, I lost my virginity to my first serious boyfriend (we were together for 3 years). Ever since then, I feel like I’ve lost something important… How can I get past this?

Quora’s Designated Asshole says:

Alright pumpkin, listen up…

Your parents are know-nothing idiots.

Well, at least that seems to be the consensus over at Quora… if not in so many words.

The well-edumacated liberals will have you believe pre-marital sex is totally awesome. That you did nothing wrong. That you lost nothing. That your parents have an outdated point of view. That any man who seeks out a virgin is probably a desperate loser.

Well, these are the same educated liberals who thought Trump had a 2% chance of winning the general election. <heh>

And as always, they’re totally wrong.

So let me lay some truth on you, sweetheart…

  1. Men who have choices don’t make compromises

It’s the losers of the world… not unlike a vast majority of human specimens on Quora… the dregs, the nerds, the autistic fucks… who happen to have no choice among women… who’ll accept your past, ahem, indiscretions.

The more attractive a man, the more sexual options he has.

And basic economics can tell you that people with most options make least amounts of sacrifices.

Between you and an 18-year old virgin, there is no competition. She outclasses you even if she looks slightly worse.

So Mommy and Daddy were right… you’re now a second tier chick for a man with options.

You already feel it deep down. Yet, you’re looking for random strangers on the internet to abdicate you.

2. The odds of you getting divorced are now up all the way to 50%

Look it up yourself.

Girls who are virgins at the time of their marriages are least likely to get divorced.

Taking just one dick up your pussy increases the odds of you getting divorced immensely.

I cannot be bothered to lookup the stats for you but it shouldn’t be hard. You are a strong, independent, educated liberal woman afterall. Not that you won’t disregard those stats simply because they don’t feel good. 😀

3. Women love men who’re pre-selected by other women. Men are disgusted by the cocks you take up your chutes.

It’s biology.

You can’t change how you feel.

Sure, IF you get married, your loser husband will suppress his visceral disgust for your slutty past. But the disgust will remain… right there in his belly… simmering just underneath the surface… and sooner or later it will rear its ugly head.


You fucked up, you dumb slut.

-Quora’s Designated Asshole

Should I Marry Him?

Should a 28-year-old average-looking Indian female marry a friend who she doesn’t have feelings for but who loves her?

Should I marry my friend whom I don’t have feelings for but who loves me after 3 years? My brain says I can’t get a better match, but my heart doesn’t have the same feelings. I’ve faced 2 rejections already. Considering I am 28, and an average-looking Indian female in a typical society with worried parents.



A resounding YES.

Listen. He’s not attractive. If he were, he’d not be so fucking invested in you. He doesn’t have other options. And he’s in no way, shape, or form sexy.


Neither are you.

You see, if you were average at 21, you are almost INVISIBLE now. In five years, you’ll be sexually a disappearing act. You should have cashed in your chips much earlier. 

But know this… the value of your chips is falling rapidly. The wall is approaching.

Let this beta herb marry you… and write answers on Quora (and his other beta hangouts) about how his true love was “destined” to come to fruition.

This is the best you can get. You know it.

Don’t let the tingles of your disobedient pussy rule you. So far they’ve only lead you astray. What makes you think they’ll place you in the loving arms of an attractive man forever?

Your Dad, though you don’t really like him, has it right. You NEED to get married now. Or prepare for an eternity of loneliness and spinsterhood. And participation in feminist “movements”, slut prides, gay prides and anti-fay-shaming movements. And cats.

Some of your attractive classmates already have 4 year olds of their own by now, don’t they?

Marry him.

-Quora’s Designated Asshole

What should a girl do if her boyfriend doesn’t want to marry her even after an eight year long relationship?

Not that he is cheating on her or that he wants to marry someone else. Its just that he is against being married.



Why would he?

In the 8 years that have passed, your sexual market value has faded. Or has at least begun fading. You have gone from being a beautiful, fertile young girl to a woman close to hitting her wall if she already hasn’t.

On the other hand, his value has most likely increased. He most probably looks better, earns more, has more confidence and a higher status.

If he could do the 8 year younger you when his value was lower… without having to commit… what’s his incentive to commit his superior goods now for your (now) inferior (and deteriorating) goods.

Understandably you want marriage and kids… but you should’ve thought about that before jumping into a long sexual relationship.

Those tingles… 😀

-Quora’s Designated Asshole

I’m the second best. Mommy!!!!

My girlfriend is still friends with her ex, with whom she had quite an intimate relationship, emotionally as well as physically. How do I cope with this?

I fear that she still loves him somewhere down in her heart and I may end up being the second best person in her life, which obviously no one likes. She deliberately hides that she receives his calls, labelling them as regular conversations. Only when I ask her, she let me know. He is married now, but he shares his marriage and family issues with her. And she goes to length to console him. Their calls last for around 20-25 mins, sometimes more than that. Of course he is married and she can’t marry him. But I guess, as I stated earlier, I will stay as her second most-liked person. Sadly.
Dear Second Best
I have trouble with the idea that you think you are the second best. In reality, you’re not. You’re just the best she can do right now. If someone better were to come along, and become a real option… you’d be tossed aside as casually as a used condom. Or maybe not… some of us have to take care of our used condoms ourselves for girls will go to seriously great lengths to be impregnated with our seed… with or without permission.
Let’s look at facts objectively:
  1. She has been physically and emotionally intimate with a man.
  2. He broke up with her. (I presume.) Then he married another beautiful girl.
  3. Now she’s not as intimate with you as she was with him.
  4. And she keeps in touch.
  5. And she does her best to hide this chain of communication from you
Here’s what really happened.
She never got over that dude. She’s still just an hour of privacy away from jumping right into his lap, and gobbling up his cock like there’s no tomorrow.
She ran her internal mental calculator subconsciously and found him to be a man… and you to be a chump. I am pretty sure her evaluation is spot on. Why? I’ll get to it in a minute.
But first, a quick discourse on hypergamy.
Women don’t care about the relatively betters… they just care about the best. In her life, she’s sampled a man who took from her all that she had, and then tossed her apart to give his commitment, resources and finances to another girl, presumably hotter, younger, tighter, and less bitchier than her.
You, on the other hand… are a chump. She’s not attracted to you. Sure she likes you and all… but you are not the rule breaker she secretly craves. You are not the man who does what he pleases. You are not the man who has enough sexual options to drop her at the drop of a hat. And she knows it. And she secretly, maybe only subconsciously, resents you for it.
No… you don’t compare to the ex at all. He chucked her even though she was head-over-heels in love with him, and still is. You are happy being the second best. He had all his fun, and gave nothing in return. You pledge all that you have for her used goods despite knowing that her heart belongs with another…
You are a desperate buyer in the sexual marketplace. You feel it, and she feels it.
You are not so sure that if you dump her, you can go out and get a hotter, tighter, younger, more loyal, less bitchy new girlfriend within days. In fact, you won’t dump her. You actually fear that she might dump you.
In I were in your place (I have never been, but just for the sake of the argument, if I were) I’d fuck her silly, and do absolutely nothing to please her at all. I’d derive a lot of sexual pleasure from her. I’d fuck her in all three of her holes, but at the same time… keep my investment (emotional, financial or chronological) to a bare minimum.
No dates, no dinners, no movies. Those things are reserved for loyal girlfriends. Not Alpha widows.
I’d only see her for fucking her. She’d basically be a booty call. No pillow talk.
And then… when she finally came to her senses, and realized who she was dealing with… I’d dump her. What else is whatsapp good for? I mean why would I waste a penny texting her, right?
And then drop all contact. And savour the inflicted pain, as I showed her desperate texts to my real girlfriend… or just my buddies on a night out while we all had vodka shots and made fun of exes. Or maybe I’d show those texts to new girls I’d be picking up, and making fun of exes with.
Maybe I’d fuck her again out of pity if no other girl was around some night.
But you sure as fuck won’t do any of that. Because
1. You can’t. You don’t have other sexual options, and you don’t have balls to create other options for yourself.
2. See 1. above.
-Quora’s Designated Asshole