What should a girl do if her boyfriend doesn’t want to marry her even after an eight year long relationship?

Not that he is cheating on her or that he wants to marry someone else. Its just that he is against being married.



Why would he?

In the 8 years that have passed, your sexual market value has faded. Or has at least begun fading. You have gone from being a beautiful, fertile young girl to a woman close to hitting her wall if she already hasn’t.

On the other hand, his value has most likely increased. He most probably looks better, earns more, has more confidence and a higher status.

If he could do the 8 year younger you when his value was lower… without having to commit… what’s his incentive to commit his superior goods now for your (now) inferior (and deteriorating) goods.

Understandably you want marriage and kids… but you should’ve thought about that before jumping into a long sexual relationship.

Those tingles… 😀

-Quora’s Designated Asshole


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