What it is like to be cheated upon in a relationship?

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Alright, so this beta boy got “swindled” by his girlfriend of two years who backstabbed him and went on to marry another guy while (he says) she promised him she’d end up with him.

I have three words for betaboy…

kek kek kek

Alright, alright… here goes…

By this time, we had completed two years of our togetherness and were cruising very well for a future together.

Two years of blue balls, that is. It becomes evident later, but this betaboy wasn’t getting any.

One sudden day, a guy drops to see her, the same guy chosen by her parents to be her future partner.

So she was “with” betaboy Ankit Vani for two years, but she didn’t tell her family about it. And from the looks of things, she wasn’t getting her freak on with him either.

This is most likely an Indian girl we’re talking about. The kind that think about marriage and growing old together the minute you say “Hi”.

But somehow betaboy believes he was in a relationship.

Betaboy Ankit Vani… it was all fiction bro.

Displeased by this suddenness, she showed anger towards her parents for not informing her in advance and taking things forward without her consent. When asked, she told me that her mother has asked her to meet him as a friend and then they will deny their offer.

Well, Indians are fucked up. I got little else to add to that. heh

She met him, he was a pretty rich banker who was wealthy and showed up to be a good guy in front of her.

betaboy tell #2: Ankit Vani betaboy believes rich banker was pretending to be a good guy. In betaboy’s fantasy world, he’s the good guy, while the rich, good-looking, attractive man is actually the bad guy.

Their numbers got exchanged

And yet betaboy didn’t dump her immediately. That’s betaboy tell #3.

Gentlemen, if a girl’s is in love with you, she’ll go out of her way and everyone’s way to avoid exchanging numbers and so on. If she does, she really isn’t in love with you.

and then began the cheating part.

Only in betaboy’s mind.

She showed disinterest after meeting him, told bad things about him…

Assuming that’s even true… and that’s one hell of an assumption… what else would she do betaboy creep? Tell you how she’s planning her escape from your needy, clingy flatulence?

…and said that her parents are forcing her but she is strong.

Notice the inconsistencies in betaboy Ankit Vanti, SBI employee’s fictional re-imagination.

The same parents who told her at the outset that she could just see a guy and then politely indicate disinterest have suddenly become monsters who now force her daughter to bang for life a guy whom she dislikes.

What really happened is that either she tried to get rid of betaboy and he wouldn’t give up… or she tried to let him down politely but upon his boneheaded insistence, she decided to play him for shits and giggles.

They started chatting over texts…

Girls don’t chat unless they want to. Were her parents forcing her to chat with him too? lololol

…he was already floored down by her beauty and she seemed to have not liked that guy at all.

Here’s a tip for you betaboy Ankit Vani, SBI employee…

Girls are turned on by men who express their lust for them.

You were the creep talking about love and togetherness, and he was likely the strong, powerful man openly expressing how much harder (heh) life had gotten to be sleeping without her.

By this time, I had appeared in my SBI Mains and was waiting for my results. I cleared SBI Mains and was waiting for my interview dates. I went to Bhopal for my interview, came out of the room…

aka betaboy Ankit Vani was unemployed at that time.

…and called her since it went pretty well. I was hopeful of a selection and wanted to meet her since she was in the town.

Notice how she didn’t really suggest a meetup. betaboy Ankit Vani did.

Also, he had no one else to call. kek.

35 missed calls, 30 messages, 3 hours of wait and I left Bhopal with sadness wrapped over my face.

Super creep alert…

35 missed calls? 30 messages? All within 3 hours?

Dear Lord did the girl make a wise choice!!!

The last time I sent a dozen messages in a day was when a friend had been in an accident.

Gentlemen… don’t do this.

If you call someone, and they don’t respond immediately, go do something else. Don’t be like betaboy creeper Ankit Vani, SBI employee.

They’ll either call you back, or they won’t. Either way, once you hit the ball out of your court, don’t hit another one if they do nothing with the one you sent their way the first time.

Couple of days later, she revealed that she is getting married with the same guy.

Color me surprised.


She told me that she was pressurized by her family to do so and was swear in by her grandparents for this guy. I believed in her story, she kept on blabbering all the stories and I kept believing.

betaboy Ankit Vani, like all others of his ilk, fancies himself a hero of a romantic comedy, or better yet, romantic tragedy.

She told that she will break the alliance very soon, would reveal everything and I was kept hanging for few more days.

betaboys like Ankit Vani, SBI employee thrive on hope. That’s all they have anyway. They don’t have… like… options. Or choices. Or other things to do. So they linger. And languish. And wait. Hopefully.

More drama, verbal abuse and some well-crooked stories in coming days.

Dude, the message is the medium. Often.

In this case, she told you. Outright. She was going to marry the other man. You should have moved on. You didn’t. Because you had no other options. Because you’re a betaboy.

Then came the twist.

Notice betaboy’s penchant for dramatizing his life in hopes of portraying what is mundane as something that’s extraordinary.

betaboys live boring lives. Which is why they don’t have options. But that somehow doesn’t prevent them from becoming (the only) true believers in their own fantasies.

One fine day…

The love of your life is trapped by her very own parents and is being forced to marry someone else. Yet you have a fine day?

…I happened to visit her best friend’s bank for some personal work where she was employed and had no idea about our relationship at all. During conversation, it drifted towards my girlfriend and then she showed me something which swept away the floor beneath me, I still feel those nervy cramps in my body and a rush of anger and despondency crept in all over my face.

I’ll just disregard betaboy’s blatant disregard for the language of Shakespeare and Milton and chalk it up to his desiness. But SBI is fucked!!! And so are their customers.

She showed me a part of it, rest I took it on my own to know the truth. They had a WhatsApp group of three female friends and she was very happy about the marriage. In fact, she was taking a lot of interest in first night rituals, asking for suggestions on her apparels and fascinating about the gala wedding that was going to happen.

The girl was fantasizing about her “first night rituals”. In other words, she was a virgin. betaboy Ankit Vani wasn’t getting any.

That day, I found out that whatever she told me was a pure lie.

Maybe, and if so, I don’t blame her.

But chances are you totally misread her signals and misinterpreted her words and actions.

Their meeting was arranged after informing her in advance, her parents had met the guy and she had given her green signal to meet him. If this was not enough, she showed extreme interest in that guy and when she revealed things to me, it had already been a month.

Which I had seen coming right at the offset of your post betaboy.

The day I was informed about her decision to marry him, tickets, garden and everything was booked and I was foolishly swindled by her. Well, if that was not the end of it, she had spoken negatively about me in front of her friend and termed me as a guy who asked her out and she denied the offer at the outset.

I’d be hardpressed to disbelieve her.

Moral of the story:

Don’t be like betaboy Ankit Vani, SBI employee.


One thought on “What it is like to be cheated upon in a relationship?

  1. Now how about a little advice to the alpha american here? I came here to your blog, because I read an idiotic comment of yours on India & Indians on CH, which I usually frequent but I hardly ever post there. I clicked on your pseudonym and found you had a little blog of your own.

    English isnt my mothertongue, but before we start, let me just accept, white race is the best, whites built everything, as shown by their historic deeds, it is evident that they have got really good intentions for the entire world, but sadly they are just not good at maintaining this alphadom and end up getting cucked by the untermensch. Eg: British Empire then and UK getting banged today. [Untermensch pretty much includes everything thats not white.]. Now, that I have paid my tribute to the white overlord, we can start.

    *white power* [My a$$]

    Look, man. Before I found game, military, gym and guns, I was a betaboy and I am from India. Before I found Hindu right wing, I was a socialist teen. Multiculturism and whole nine yards. But then I left my teens and entered my 20s and a few experiences (a BPD ex) in my life red pilled me. I dont need the tag of alpha, but I pull enough tail to keep myself content. While you yourself stay in India, your disdain for us is pretty visible here. Ugly women? Sure. Look who is talking. I have been to USA and the kind of land whales that you have there my friend is just astonishing.

    ed: We’ve got land whales. But we’ve also got top class tail. You know it. The world knows it. Beauty is extremely rare in India. In America, not so much.

    The first time I saw one, I couldnt believe human body was capable to putting on so much lard. We also have very few women with notch counts going in two digits, three digits the uncle sam standard?

    ed: You seem to get all your info about American people from sitcoms and hollyweird. Been to any small towns lately? The story can be entirely different. Then again, do you guys even want to fuck your own women? More than half of them look like trannies, and pretty much 95% of them have soft, fat bellies. Just like your ‘men’.

    Forget it. Thats the american way of life. Hooorah! Race mixing and bastard babies = rare.

    ed: lol. You really don’t know your own history. Your people have been race-mixing for thousands of years. That’s how you got to be the way you are. How do you think *some* north indians got to have white skin?

    You and us. We are different. Why should we be measured by american standards? Why should we even care?

    ed: Why do you?

    What we want to be, is something we should decide. Not you.

    ed: What are you a fucking libtard?

    We dont see you as great as how you see yourself.

    ed: Last time I checked average American makes $55k. avg indian makes $700 yearly. You fucks are delusional to think you even compare.

    As for your post here, yes India is full of betaboys. Just like USA.

    ed: correction. Just like *some* in the US.

    But, unlike USA, India isnt on the brink of civil war bcoz its anitfa or left liberals are pushing for native genocide.

    ed: No. You just bend over and let your politicians fuck you. Just like you’ve bent over for the last millenium and let muslims, and other foreigners fuck you over.

    The kind of advice that you americans tend to give with your big mouths, you could pretty much use it on your own.

    Yes, white race had its peak but why do you assume this domination will hold on and last forever? What exactly is the basis of this weird copyright to fame and glory? You werent the leading power a thousand years ago. You were not even close to the dominant world order then. Last 500 years was your time and you had your run. You have made grave mistakes in last 100 years.

    ed: Sure. But we’ve also been the reason why the world has any infrastructure at all. HINT: I don’t need to learn your shitty language. You need to learn mine to get anywhere in the world.

    India was once great too,ed: Trolololol

    so was persia, so was greece. Its sphere of influence went far and beyond. But then came the thousand year war with Islam and by the time we finished it in 1800s, arrived the british. Today, we are back on the track, not even close to our past standard, but we are moving forward. Things have changed a lot for better since 1947.

    Which standard would that be? I live in one of your poshest areas… GK in Delhi. The markets here are ghost towns these days.

    Now let me ask you alpha-man? Can you the same about USA? Are you living under the same goldenage of 1970s to 1990s? If not ,why not? Howcome this race, loaded with alpha genes, the most superior, the most gifted, is not able to fight back a tiny and unarmed muslim invasion in europe? Is it bcoz the present generation talks too much and does too little? Perhaps too many keyboard warriors and way…..waaaaaaaaay too less action?

    ed: It’s our empathy that seems to be our Achilles’ heel. Something you wouldn’t understand. Luckily, you shitskins are all hell bent on waking us up.

    Things change. Change is the only constant thing in life. Considering the odds that it is facing, I would be surprised if white race even survives next 200 years. Whites couldnt even repel the middle eastern religion of (((christianity))) from dominating them and uprooting their own native faiths. Spare us from showcasing your Bragging rights, man.

    Enjoy your time in India and then get out.

    LOL: indian company’s paying me close to $50k a year right in New Delhi. When you curry monkeys are unable to get something done, you beg the White Man to come and save the day.

    We welcome guests, we dont have to welcome your kind. And hey, take your church missionaries with you. We dont give 2 fks about xtianity or islam.ed: Considering what I’ve observed, you wouldn’t give two fucks if I were to rape your sister and throw her on the street.

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