Lost her virginity. Now feels she’s worth less. Wants to change how she feels.




Since having sex for the first time, I feel like I’ve lost something important and I’m worth less than I was before. How can I change how I feel?

My parents always told me that by being a virgin, I was considered “pure” and that my future husband would prefer it. At 23, I lost my virginity to my first serious boyfriend (we were together for 3 years). Ever since then, I feel like I’ve lost something important… How can I get past this?

Quora’s Designated Asshole says:

Alright pumpkin, listen up…

Your parents are know-nothing idiots.

Well, at least that seems to be the consensus over at Quora… if not in so many words.

The well-edumacated liberals will have you believe pre-marital sex is totally awesome. That you did nothing wrong. That you lost nothing. That your parents have an outdated point of view. That any man who seeks out a virgin is probably a desperate loser.

Well, these are the same educated liberals who thought Trump had a 2% chance of winning the general election. <heh>

And as always, they’re totally wrong.

So let me lay some truth on you, sweetheart…

  1. Men who have choices don’t make compromises

It’s the losers of the world… not unlike a vast majority of human specimens on Quora… the dregs, the nerds, the autistic fucks… who happen to have no choice among women… who’ll accept your past, ahem, indiscretions.

The more attractive a man, the more sexual options he has.

And basic economics can tell you that people with most options make least amounts of sacrifices.

Between you and an 18-year old virgin, there is no competition. She outclasses you even if she looks slightly worse.

So Mommy and Daddy were right… you’re now a second tier chick for a man with options.

You already feel it deep down. Yet, you’re looking for random strangers on the internet to abdicate you.

2. The odds of you getting divorced are now up all the way to 50%

Look it up yourself.

Girls who are virgins at the time of their marriages are least likely to get divorced.

Taking just one dick up your pussy increases the odds of you getting divorced immensely.

I cannot be bothered to lookup the stats for you but it shouldn’t be hard. You are a strong, independent, educated liberal woman afterall. Not that you won’t disregard those stats simply because they don’t feel good. 😀

3. Women love men who’re pre-selected by other women. Men are disgusted by the cocks you take up your chutes.

It’s biology.

You can’t change how you feel.

Sure, IF you get married, your loser husband will suppress his visceral disgust for your slutty past. But the disgust will remain… right there in his belly… simmering just underneath the surface… and sooner or later it will rear its ugly head.


You fucked up, you dumb slut.

-Quora’s Designated Asshole


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