Should I Marry Him?

Should a 28-year-old average-looking Indian female marry a friend who she doesn’t have feelings for but who loves her?

Should I marry my friend whom I don’t have feelings for but who loves me after 3 years? My brain says I can’t get a better match, but my heart doesn’t have the same feelings. I’ve faced 2 rejections already. Considering I am 28, and an average-looking Indian female in a typical society with worried parents.


A resounding YES.

Listen. He’s not attractive. If he were, he’d not be so fucking invested in you. He doesn’t have other options. And he’s in no way, shape, or form sexy.


Neither are you.

You see, if you were average at 21, you are almost INVISIBLE now. In five years, you’ll be sexually a disappearing act. You should have cashed in your chips much earlier. 

But know this… the value of your chips is falling rapidly. The wall is approaching.

Let this beta herb marry you… and write answers on Quora (and his other beta hangouts) about how his true love was “destined” to come to fruition.

This is the best you can get. You know it.

Don’t let the tingles of your disobedient pussy rule you. So far they’ve only lead you astray. What makes you think they’ll place you in the loving arms of an attractive man forever?

Your Dad, though you don’t really like him, has it right. You NEED to get married now. Or prepare for an eternity of loneliness and spinsterhood. And participation in feminist “movements”, slut prides, gay prides and anti-fay-shaming movements. And cats.

Some of your attractive classmates already have 4 year olds of their own by now, don’t they?

Marry him.

-Quora’s Designated Asshole


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