“My Ex Boyfriend Is Also My Best Friend”

Guys: What would you do, if your girlfriend says that her ex is also her best friend?

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Here’s what Quora’s Designated Asshole would do if he ever found himself referring to a slut of such magnificent proportions as his girlfriend, which will never really happen because QDA’s BS detecting radar is sharp and his instincts to pump and dump sluts are ever-so-ready…

1. Continue hammering the fuck out of her as long as I can without spending a dime buying her drinks, food, coffee, gifts or anything. And without spending a minute with her unless sexual activity is going on.

2. Find a replacement (or two) behind her back, and start fucking her.

3. Tell the new girl that it’s over with the old girl, but that I’d like to continue fucking her for some time to exact revenge. I’d do it only if she pries, and if and only if she has already taken a special place in my life. If she’s just someone I’m fucking dating, I wouldn’t ever tell her either.

4. Encourage the slut to meet, talk to, and even fuck enjoy a night out with her ex… to her utter frustration.

5. Meet her ex (and if he has one his current girlfriend) and ask them … “Why did you guys break up. You are so good together. Any onlooker would tell you that you belong together.”

6. Dump the slut at will.

BONUS points: Fuck the slut’s sister, best friend, best friend forever, her brother’s girlfriend, her ex’s current girlfriend, or basically anyone in her social circle. In fact, fuck every attractive girl she knows.

-Quora’s Designated Asshole


Why do some Indian girls have a huge sense of entitlement in marriage?

Ok I am going through this so called process, and when the bride to be speaks, it really gives my mind a toss.
She constantly talks about desires / wants that have never been affordable in her own home. She talks about her friends and relatives and tells me its all normal. 
How can someone so whole heartedly believe that a husband needs to provide a better life than she has had?
It’s all supply and demand.
Indian girls today are over valued commodities. There are too few hot girls around, and younger people of today’s generation are a lot more accomplished than those of previous generations. Consequently, there are a lot of good looking, highly paid, somewhat attractive young men around. But not nearly enough girls to go around for all of them.
This disparity in supply and demand leads to the high prices that Indian girls (mostly rightfully) think they command for access to their sexual organs ad feminine affection. 
Of course, nobody marries down. Everybody marries up. Men may marry down poorer girls, but they like to marry the hottest girl they can get. Of course, many will deny it, but the truth is out for everyone to see. Hottest, tightest, youngest you can find is the one you want to fuck and fuck a lot.
Men don’t marry out of the goodness of their hearts. There hearts are bleeding because even though they can get sexual respite with assistance from prostitutes or porn, they can’t download feminine affection from the internet. So even they are all marrying up, in their own sense.
Understand the fundamental transaction of the sexual market, and almost all your doubts vanish.
Men marry to get sex. Women marry to get commitment and resources. Sure there are other motivations, but those are the primary currencies of the sexual marketplace.
Now, keep in mind, girls in India are earning these days. Not a lot, but enough to feel as though they don’t need men in their lives. Consequently, their asking price goes even higher up.
My suggestion to you would be to find a reliable prostitute. That’ll be a lot cheaper in the long run. Clearly you do not have enough charm to seduce women into bed without promising monogamy or your resources. So your best bet is to buy the best your fucking money will buy for you.
Quora’s Designated Asshole