Tired of conformist politically correct world views of hapless betas who never get laid and loud mouthed fatties who never fail to shame men for their innate sexual desires?

Welcome to QDA’s blog.

Here we don’t conform to the world view that women are sugar and spice and all things nice. Nor do we believe that masculine desires or innate traits are demonic.

The fundamental premise here is that men and women need each other and have their own roles in the world. That sexual market value is the most accurate representation of one’s worth in life. That inherently women are perishable and men are disposable.

Everything you wanted to know about the reality of this world… about the reality of attraction and the science of application is right here.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I saw your comment Heartiste about betting three thousand dollars on Donald Trump winning the presidency. You do realize that with no blacks, Latinos, immigrants and the overwhelming number of women voting against him, plus approximately half of white men, he has no arithmetical chance of winning?

    I assume you will later say that Clinton stole sixteen thousand from you.

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