The “I’m such an important little princess” Syndrome


What is the most complicated romantic relationship you’ve had?



Apologies for being anonymous, but name reveals will hurt people.

Yeah. Because you’re sooooo famous.

You, and all your lovers.


I’m the typical beautiful and smart girl

Typical isn’t beautiful. Beautiful isn’t typical.

Elena Radionova is beautiful. She’s as atypical as they come.

Our story’s princess is your average looking woman who has an over-inflated ego thanks to scrotal media.

who often choose the wrong guy to fall in love to.

Wrong feels soooo right.

By the way if you’re still young and tight
get fucked one day by QDA you might…

While i wont say all of my exes are jerks, but 60% of the time, that’s the case.

So she has at least five exes. Maybe more, but no less than five.

Nice going, ya big slut.

I met Y a few months fresh after a break up.

Women never, EVER give up on men. They give up on hapless betas trying to woo them by upvoting their slutty stories and liking their ugly mugshots on facecrook.

The minute the (wrong) right man shows up, pussies glisten.

I was hung up over my ex and was not in a good shape.

Not in a good shape physically as well as emotionally.

Y took liking towards me instantly.

Y doesn’t really have attractive sexual options, but he knows how to spot a dumb slut for fun and profits.

He’s a soft spoken guy, with calm eyes and mild temper and about 8 years older than me.

Older men, pay heed. Young and dumb is how you’ll like’em. Juicier the gazelle, easier the catch. Not saying this one was juicy. But 8 years younger might get you a lot of stares from other attractive ones.

When he made love, he do it beautifully. He never rushes me anywhere, wait for me to come to my own decisions and genuinely care about how I felt.

Y is your typical beta.

I learn to love myself back under his guidance.

He made her forget what a nasty slut she’d been in the past… by not mentioning it.

BTW, good game advice. Don’t remind a slut what a nasty whore she’s been and she’ll forget it. At least as long as you can continue to bang her and extract meaningful sex from her.

The only downside is he made it clear that he doesnt want to marry.

Like I said… use a slut for fun and profits.

For a lot of girls this will be a major deal-breaker, but surprisingly I appreciate it.

It’s not as though streets were strewn with bodies of men waiting for my hand in marriage.

At first there were times I tried to make him change his mind, but in the end I accepted his honesty.

At first she tried to get what she wanted, but then the “smrrt” beautiful woman couldn’t… and she’d already given up whatever she had brought to the table, so taking whatever he was willing to offer was the only option she had.

Our relationship grew stronger, we were inseparable and got closer to each other.

Options = Instability.

But both these specimens had little to no other options. Plus la vie en rose ensued.

He’s always telling me that love shouldn’t be one sided, it should be a two ways lane.

You should spend on our dates too. Equality, wink wink.

Love is not about control, it’s more of a compromise.

I’ll retain control, you make compromises.

Love is supposed to make you feel pain (or other words, reality) not just butterflies in your stomach.

I’ll dump your slutty ass sooner or later. For a hotter, tighter,  50 pounds lighter chick.

I tend to get panic attacks when I’m anxious but with Y, my panic attacks almost didnt exist.

Deep down every slut gets these panic attacks. But not when she thinks she’s found a reasonable relationship.

When we argue we are able to talk like two civilized persons.

Don’t argue with a chick. Mocking and a quick wit go a much longer way.

I was never made to feel scared that I will be punch or kick. Y made it a point to have some physical distance from me so I’m able to voice out my argument without feeling intimidated.

Talk about standards.

And here I was… believing all along… one shouldn’t hit people simply because you disagree wth them or have an argument.

Nice ex-traps, honey trap.

Sadly the relationship ran out of its’ course.

Ran out of steam. She got fatter, and he lost his boners.

One day while watching TV together, I wonder if there’s something more for me out there.

She started wondering if there’s a harder cock out there for her.

She started wondering long before she enunciated it on that couch watching TV together like couch potatoes.

Y echoed the same sentiment, knowing that I deserve a man who wants to settle down eventually.

She deserves a man who wants to settle down with her?

If you were here, you’d be witnessing the business end of a laughter fit.

He knew he’d dump her, fucked her for a while, grew bored, got out, and gave her a platitude.

We held each other tightly, chest to chest, and in that instant I know nobody can replace him no matter what.

More like breast to man-boob.

He has released me from the prison I built for myself.

And now, go conquer all the cocks you can find. Nigger cocks, that is.

He cared for me in the way nobody ever does.

Which explains why he dumped your fat ass.

He teaches me physical affection is not to be scared of.

With that, I’m with him.

We broke up after 2 years and a half.

The dude must have had seriously low SMV.

Y is the first ex I didnt harbor any resentment towards.

Because sexual excitement had worn out long before you losers let go of that token relationship you had going.

He’s that ex that I go look for when I have news to tell and things to share.

Best friend alert.

I’m finally able to move on from my messy past thanks to Y’s help. Unfortunately the next guy after Y took granted of this new found confidence so I dumped him as fast as I can.

Nah. The new one was smarter. He saw he’d gotten on a sinking ship, and jumped as soon as he could.

To Y, life was the most precious thing you’ve ever gifted to me.

Now go eat pray love. Lotsa cockas for you.


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